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IOW Extractor Cleaning Services To TR19 standards

No matter how well you look after your extraction ductwork system, over time, grease deposits will start to build up in the ducts and on fan motors. If regular cleaning is not undertaken, the grease will become carbonised and baked, hindering their performance and also potentially creating a fire risk.

For example, a recent fire in an isle of wight chip shop extraction system in Newport was attributed to lack of regular cleaning. Environmental health legislation requires that all kitchen extraction systems are cleaned and maintained at a frequency relative to their use, in line with the TR19 standards our extractor cleaning services provides.

Fire Safety

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that a risk assessment, by law, must be undertaken on business premises. Regular Kitchen extraction cleaning will remove one of the most common causes of the fire that can be found in a kitchen.

It is increasingly evident that failure to have your extraction units professionally cleaned by an accredited company can invalidate a business’s insurance policy especially in case of fire. It is also imperative to regularly clean your extraction units to ensure the correct safety precautions are taken not only to protect your customers and employees but also your business premises and livelihood.

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extractor cleaning services

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The Extraction Cleaning Service

Both the interior of the canopy hood and entire ductwork from kitchen range to an outlet outside is degreased and thoroughly cleaned when we undertake any extraction cleaning job. All of our cleans are certified with before and after clean photos and we will advise on likely cleaning times to ensure your system is in a good clean and safe condition all year round.

How Often Do You Need To Clean Your Extraction Units?

The amount of time in-between each extraction cleaning cycle depends on the number of times you use your units. Below is a table which gives you a rough estimate as to when you should consider cleaning your units, this estimate of clean time needs confirming on actual cleans and if it is found the buildup of grease and fat is too great then more regular cleaning may be required. if you would like expert advice we can offer you a free survey, just give us a call.

Duct Cleaning Certificate

After cleaning your extraction units, our on-site team will review and log details of the process. This is so you have an accurate and up to date record of when your extraction units have been cleaned, and to what standard, so you can be assured that they are kept to the level of cleanliness required for your business. We will also advise on the next date cleaning is likely to be due.



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